Framework and a Library

Developers generally use the terms “library” and “framework” interchangeably We can say that a library implements a particular function. Some examples of popular libraries are React, and JQuery. We can define a framework as a collection of libraries implementing a particular methodology. Some of the more commonly known frameworks are Angular, Vue, Model View Controller, and Model View Presenter.

application code uses a library, the developer writing the code is in charge of the application flow. This means the developer decides when to call the library. However, when we use a framework, the framework decides when to call the library. This shift in control of calling the library from the application code to the framework is an inversion of control.

Advantages of a Framework

There are several benefits of using a framework in general, such as ease of debugging, improved coding, easy code re-usability, and accelerated development. Let’s discuss the advantages of a web development framework:

  • A change in one part of the application doesn’t affect the entire application.
  • Provides caching and optimized processes for the network traffic
  • Enables faster methods for web development with less code
  • Supports cross-platform application development
  • Provides a superior user experience by creating rich and dynamic content
  • Some JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular, are based on MVC, hence the use of data binding.

Advantages of a Library

A library is a collection of reusable, compiled, and tested code that can facilitate the automation or augmentation of application functionalities.:

  • Improves performance of a program by the selective inclusion of a library by the compiler during run time.
  • Provides reusable functions that can be referred to within the code without defining them explicitly
  • Eliminates the need for writing code for complex functions
  • Prevents us from having to write code to solve the same problem over and over again
  • Reduces application development cost
  • Provides pre-tested code for multiple environments and use cases.

It’s designed to support both the code developer and code compiler during the build process and the running of the application. A library implements many functions, variables, and parameters..

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